$160 /15 minutes

We charge by the minute. Save Hundreds, even Thousands of Dollars! Every laser client receives a Free Consultation & Test Patch with a Certified Laser Specialist.

Why get charged hundreds of dollars for each area when it only takes 15 Minutes? For example, an average minimum for Upper Lip, Sides of Face and Chin at other locations runs about $425. These services together take less than 15 minutes depending on the client. Compare $425 at other locations (that don't even give you a Free Consultation and Test Patch) to Stella Dieci's low rate of $150. With our price per minute sessions, you could even have other areas completed! We at Stella Dieci believe that Laser Hair Services is a life changing experience and that everyone should have access to these treatments!


Skin Tightening & Wrinkle Reduction

$160 per treatment

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Laser Facts

Stella Dieci uses the Candela GentlelaseTM for all of their Hair Removal Treatments

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Laser Services

We charge by the minute. Save Hundreds, even Thousands of Dollars!

Stella Dieci offers pay by the minute Laser Services. Save Hundreds even Thousands of Dollars Per Area! More information is available on the Laser Q & A page. Call to schedule your Free Consultation and Test Patch.

Example- 15 Minutes= Under Arms and Bikini Combo 15 minutes $160.00




Laser Pricing Examples

  • Stop by for a personalized Free Laser Quote,

  • Consultation and Test Patch.

  • You'll find it is definitely worth the trip...

  • We have clients from California!

  • (Even including Air Fare, we are still competitive!) :)

15 Minutes

  • Brasilian Bikini

  • Upper Lip Under Arm and light Bikini Combo

  • Under Arms and Full Bikini

  • Neck Collar Bone & Shoulders Clean Up & Beard Cut-In (Male)*

  • *Lower Leg

30 Minutes

  • *Full Leg

  • Male Neck Shoulder and Abdomen

  • Brasilian Bikini and Lower Leg

  • Full Back

  • Or Pick Two Fifteen Minute Combos!


45 Minutes

  • Most Popular Combo

    Full Leg Bikini Under Arms

  • Full Back & Glutes

  • or Pick Three Fifteen Minute Combos!

1 Hour

  • These sessions vary widely depending on the client's preference. In general, four to five 15 minute sessions can be provided.

    *(some clients may need an additional fifteen minutes)

  • 15 Minutes = $150.00

Add ons available