The GentleYAG tightens the skin by heating the underlying layers in the skin and forming new collagen resulting in smoother, younger looking skin. The DCD cooling also applies to this laser application, where it allows quick results and patient comfort. Unlike vein treatment or hair removal, the laser light energy during this process is absorbed by water. The heated water in the vital portion of the skin serves to contract collagen and by thermal injury, lay down new collagen. This process results in tightening the area treated.

Dr. Mark Taylor, a dermatologist at the Gateway Aesthetic Institute in Salt Lake City, Utah was the first physician investigator to conduct clinical studies comparing skin-tightening results of the GentleYAG to another commonly used radiofrequency device. The study found the GentleYAG to be superior with respect to efficacy, speed, comfort, and affordability.

Clients at M.D. Spa and Laser who have experienced laser tightening have been overwhelmingly happy with their results and found the Candela GentleYAG to be an exceptional way to smooth out wrinkles and tighten the skin. The laser skin tightening procedure is considered a "lunchtime procedure." It can be performed in under 30 minutes, allowing clients to return to work after the procedure. Short of doing a facelift, or a more agressive/invasive approach, the GentleYAG facial skin tightening offers excellent results without downtime.
Laser treament for facial or neck skin tightening can be slightly uncomfortable. To minimize discomfort, your laser provider may intermittently apply ice packs during the procedure or, anesthetic cream is available to apply before the procedure if desired.

Although rare, side effects are possible. They may include redness, swelling, change in skin pigmentation (lighter or darker), bruising or blisters. Side effects do not last more than a few days, and permanent side effects are exceedingly rare.

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